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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shiru Deng, 14 books
Fei Mi, 8 books
Jialuo Yang, 7 books
Gong Qi, 7 books
Su, Shi, 7 books
Tingjian Huang, 6 books
To Wang, 5 books
Zhu Da, 5 books
Kōu Suzuki, 5 books
Zhiqian Zhao, 5 books
Shinan Yu, 5 books
Gadō Ono, 5 books
Ronggui Jiang, 5 books
Mao Zedong, 5 books
Xun Ouyang, 4 books
Renkai Yang, 4 books
Ruitu Zhang, 4 books
Yuzhou Li, 4 books
Tonggen Cheng, 4 books
Chiang, Yee, 3 books
Guoting Sun, 3 books
Shih Su, 3 books
Kiichirō Kanda, 3 books
Bingshou Yi, 3 books
Chih-chʻien Chao, 3 books


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