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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Hayter, 6 books
Peter Bills, 6 books
Ken Gallacher, 6 books
Bob Cass, 5 books
Harry Harris, 5 books
Bob Harris, 5 books
Stafford Hildred, 5 books
Tim Ewbank, 5 books
David Roach, 4 books
Jon Hotten, 4 books
Michael Tanner, 4 books
George Best, 4 books
Willie John McBride, 4 books
Paul Gascoigne, 4 books
Graham Clark, 4 books
Hunter Davies, 4 books
Brian Hughes, 3 books
David Gower, 3 books
Ian Botham, 3 books
John McKeown, 3 books
Ian Ridley, 3 books
Jane Nottage, 3 books
Phil Shirley, 3 books
Martin Knight, 3 books
Robert Green, 3 books


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