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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glenda Rollin, 13 books
Jack Rollin, 13 books
Harry Harris, 12 books
Keir Radnedge, 11 books
Jimmy Greaves, 7 books
David Meek, 7 books
Ken Gallacher, 7 books
Tom Tyrrell, 6 books
Nick Holt, 6 books
Andrew Ward, 6 books
Ryan Giggs, 6 books
Pat Woods, 6 books
Colin Cameron, 5 books
Paul Harrison, 5 books
Dougie Brimson, 5 books
Dave Smith, 5 books
Jon Hotten, 5 books
John Williams, 5 books
Ivan Ponting, 5 books
Adam Ward, 5 books
Tom Campbell, 4 books
Norman Giller, 4 books
Phil Soar, 4 books
Martin Tyler, 4 books
Malcolm Cook, 4 books


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