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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mike Venezia, 28 books
Ernest Lloyd Raboff, 14 books
Lucy Micklethwait, 12 books
Peggy Roalf, 12 books
James Mayhew, 11 books
Colleen Carroll, 11 books
Antony Mason, 11 books
Wendy Beckett, 10 books
Bob Raczka, 9 books
Richard Mühlberger, 9 books
Philip Yenawine, 9 books
Richard Mühlberger, 8 books
Connolly, Sean, 7 books
Christopher McHugh, 7 books
Wendy Richardson, 7 books
Ruthie Knapp, 6 books
Joy Richardson, 6 books
David Piper, 6 books
Elizabeth Kostova, 5 books
Ruth Thomson, 5 books
Ernest Goldstein, 5 books
Claire D'Harcourt, 4 books
Rosie Dickins, 4 books
Canaday, John, 4 books
Mark Getlein, 4 books


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