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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sylvan Barnet, 15 books
Gerald Graff, 14 books
Laurie G. Kirszner, 13 books
Bruce Ballenger, 11 books
Elaine P. Maimon, 10 books
Ken Hyland, 10 books
Lester Faigley, 9 books
Elaine Maimon, 9 books
Janice Peritz, 9 books
Cathy Birkenstein, 9 books
Ann Hogue, 9 books
Gilbert H. Muller, 8 books
Bruce P. Ballenger, 8 books
Stephen R. Mandell, 8 books
Diana Hume George, 8 books
Kathleen Blake Yancey, 8 books
Rowena Murray, 7 books
Alice Oshima, 7 books
Laurence Behrens, 7 books
John Trimbur, 7 books
Mary Lynch Kennedy, 7 books
Leonard J. Rosen, 7 books
Edgar V. Roberts, 6 books
Joseph F. Trimmer, 6 books
David Rosenwasser, 6 books


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