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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Inc. Sterling Publishing Co., 104 books
Frank Longo, 62 books
Harriet Ziefert, 51 books
Peter Gordon, 42 books
Rick Levine, 38 books
Joseph Rosenbloom, 34 books
Mickey Baskett, 32 books
Conceptis Puzzles, 30 books
Jeff Jawer, 30 books
Rita Weiss, 25 books
Shar Levine, 24 books
Patrick Spielman, 23 books
Trip Payne, 22 books
Marie Browning, 21 books
Rich Norris, 21 books
Based on books by Hans de Beer, 20 books
Duy Nguyen, 19 books
Helene Hovanec, 18 books
Mike Ward, 17 books
Bob Longe, 17 books
Paul Sloane, 16 books
Paul Taggart, 16 books
Ivan Moscovich, 16 books
Hachette, 16 books
Roger Moreau, 16 books

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