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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nero Blanc, 16 books
John Grant, 11 books
Anthony Mollica, 6 books
Farrar, 5 books
Weng, 5 books
Moleska, 5 books
Newman, Stanley, 4 books
Michelle Arnot, 4 books
Griffiths, John, 4 books
Stanley Newman, 3 books
HarperCollins Publishers Limited, 3 books
Alan Cash, 3 books
Kathleen Rafferty, 3 books
A. F. Sisson, 3 books
Carol J. Veitch, 2 books
William Sunners, 2 books
Maurice Denis-Papin, 2 books
Boris Randolph, 2 books
Eduardo Rosset, 2 books
Wood, Clement, 2 books
Herbert M. Baus, 2 books
Frank Eaton Newman, 2 books
Hill, Norman, 2 books
Georges Perec, 2 books
Roger Millington, 2 books


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