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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gareth Moore, 78 books
The Puzzle Society, 72 books
Will Shortz, 59 books
Martin Handford, 56 books
Jean Marzollo, 55 books
Highlights, 53 books
Highlights for Children, 41 books
Walter Wick, 39 books
Charles Timmerman, 35 books
Henri Arnold, 35 books
Tim Dedopulos, 35 books
Susannah Leigh, 33 books
Bob Lee, 33 books
Helene Hovanec, 32 books
Mike Ward, 31 books
Ivan Moscovich, 31 books
Philip J. Carter, 30 books
Publications International Ltd., 30 books
Paul Sloane, 28 books
Conceptis Puzzles, 28 books
J. Douglas Arnold, 26 books
Mark Danna, 26 books
Lisa Regan, 26 books
Arcturus Publishing, 25 books
The Puzzle The Puzzle Society, 25 books