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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Gardner, 48 books
J. A. H. Hunter, 10 books
Lewis Carroll, 10 books
Rose Wyler, 10 books
Raymond M. Smullyan, 9 books
Phillips, Hubert, 7 books
Raymond Blum, 7 books
Malba Tahan, 7 books
Michael Holt, 6 books
Ian Stewart, 6 books
Marion Smoothey, 6 books
Henry Ernest Dudeney, 5 books
W. W. Rouse Ball, 5 books
Tim Sole, 5 books
Samuel I. Jones, 5 books
Derrick Niederman, 5 books
Ivan Moscovich, 5 books
Brian Bolt, 5 books
David Stienecker, 5 books
Thomas Canavan, 5 books
J. Newton Friend, 4 books
Pierre Berloquin, 4 books
Wells, D. G., 4 books
Spencer, Donald D., 4 books
King, Andrew, 4 books


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