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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Valerie Ferguson, 37 books
Emma Summer, 13 books
Andrew Mikolajski, 12 books
Christine Ingram, 11 books
Richard Bird, 11 books
Kate Whiteman, 10 books
Mark Evans, 8 books
Jenni Fleetwood, 8 books
Paul Bottomer, 8 books
Linda Fraser, 7 books
Anne Sheasby, 7 books
Christine France, 7 books
Martha Day, 6 books
Peter McHoy, 6 books
Stewart Walton, 6 books
Fiona Eaton, 6 books
Sally Walton, 6 books
Catherine Atkinson, 6 books
Linda Doeser, 5 books
Annette Yates, 5 books
Dorothy Wood, 5 books
Lindley Boegehold, 5 books
Jackie Matthews, 5 books
Petra Boase, 5 books
Mike Lawrence, 5 books


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