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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shirley Price, 7 books
Carole McGilvery, 7 books
Julia Lawless, 6 books
Christine Wildwood, 6 books
David Schiller, 5 books
Carol Schiller, 5 books
Jimi Reed, 4 books
Kathi Keville, 4 books
Nitya Lacroix, 4 books
Connie Higley, 4 books
Robert Tisserand, 4 books
David Schiller, 3 books
Valerie Ann Worwood, 3 books
Clare Maxwell-Hudson, 3 books
Paula M. Bousquet, 3 books
Kurt Schnaubelt, 3 books
Colleen K. Dodt, 3 books
Joannah Metcalfe, 2 books
Mark Evans, 2 books
Jane Buckle, 2 books
Charla Devereux, 2 books
Len Price, 2 books
Elizabeth O'Dowd, 2 books
Cynthia Good, 2 books
Judith Fitzsimmons, 2 books


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