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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Open Software Foundation, 28 books
Paul J. Deitel, 19 books
Uyless Black, 13 books
Dan Livingston, 12 books
Harris Kern, 12 books
Marty Poniatowski, 12 books
Edward Yourdon, 11 books
Ellie Quigley, 10 books
Evi Nemeth, 9 books
Micah Brown, 9 books
Marty Hall, 9 books
Jon William Toigo, 9 books
Pete Moulton, 9 books
David Geary, 7 books
John R. Vacca, 7 books
Garth Snyder, 7 books
Trent R. Hein, 7 books
Benjamin Rosenzweig, 7 books
Charles F. Goldfarb, 7 books
Art Taylor, 6 books
Melanie Caffrey, 6 books
Sun Microsystems Press, 6 books
Damon Hougland, 6 books
Tom Bialaski, 6 books


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