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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
George McDonald, 92 books
NCCER, 65 books
Hilary_Fashion, 43 books
James Martin, 42 books
John D. Lenk, 37 books
Prentice-Hall, Inc, 36 books
Charles Keller, 30 books
American Assembly., 29 books
Prentice-Hall, 28 books
Arthur Frommer, 27 books
American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 25 books
Darwin Porter, 24 books
Brendan Munnelly, 23 books
Alvin Silverstein, 23 books
BRUMLIK, 23 books
Philip Kotler, 22 books
Robert M. Quackenbush, 22 books
Paul Holden, 22 books
Norman Vincent Peale, 22 books
Haggart, 21 books
Shelagh Rixon, 21 books
Linda Glovach, 21 books
Jacob Morton Braude, 21 books
Robert Louis Heilbroner, 20 books
HORNGREN, 20 books

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