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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Dorothy M. Glynn, 15 books
Fred J. Schonell, 13 books
MacLennan/Ian, 12 books
D. E. Rutherford, 8 books
Derek Newton, 8 books
Fisher, Ronald Aylmer Sir, 6 books
Brown, John Croumbie., 6 books
G. Bell, 6 books
James Morton Hyslop, 6 books
F. J. Schonell, 5 books
Clifford Leech, 5 books
D. Newton, 5 books
Coe, Richard N., 5 books
Hendy Smith, 5 books
David Daiches, 5 books
Sir Walter Scott, 5 books
Agnes Mure Mackenzie, 4 books
Bannerman, David Armitage, 4 books
Crew, F. A. E., 4 books
Karl barth, 4 books
George Wing, 4 books
R. P. Gillespie, 4 books
Phyllis Flowerdew, 4 books
Hubert McEvoy, 4 books
Frédéric Bastiat, 4 books


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