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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Music Sales Corporation, 150 books
Kenneth Baker, 17 books
Denes Agay, 17 books
Ralph Agresta, 16 books
Music Sales, 15 books
Peter Pickow, 12 books
Paul Simon, 10 books
Books Oliver, 10 books
Arthur Dick, 8 books
Amsco Publications, 6 books
Peter Evans, 6 books
David Pearl, 5 books
Joe Bennett, 5 books
Bob Dylan, 5 books
Russ Shipton, 5 books
Pat Conway, 5 books
Ludwig Van Beethoven, 5 books
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 5 books
David Harp, 5 books
Wolf Marshall, 5 books
Stefan Grossman, 4 books
Frederick M. Noad, 4 books
Frederick Noad, 4 books
Bugs Bower, 4 books
John Loesberg, 4 books


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