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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Bay, 11 books
George Gruhn, 8 books
Wolf Marshall, 7 books
Terry Burrows, 6 books
Frederick M. Noad, 6 books
Nick Freeth, 6 books
Cathy Ellis, 6 books
Dave Hunter, 6 books
Fernando Sor, 5 books
Harvey Vinson, 5 books
Jon Chappell, 5 books
Leonard Vogler, 5 books
Hal Leonard Corp., 5 books
William Leavitt, 5 books
Phil Capone, 5 books
William L. Fowler, 5 books
Chapman, Richard., 5 books
Jesse Gress, 4 books
Emilio Pujol, 4 books
Graham Wade, 4 books
Dan Bowden, 4 books
Mark Hanson, 4 books
Jerry Silverman, 4 books
Donald Brosnac, 4 books
Arlen Roth, 4 books


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