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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
James Ursini, 14 books
Alain Silver, 12 books
Robert Blumenfeld, 10 books
Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, 9 books
Otis L. Guernsey, 6 books
Ray Morton, 5 books
Bruce J. Miller, 5 books
John Lahr, 5 books
Craig Wroe, 4 books
Sam Shepard, 4 books
Foster Hirsch, 4 books
Dominique Mainon, 4 books
Jonathan Kalb, 4 books
Richard Kostelanetz, 4 books
Donald C. Farber, 4 books
Gregg Rickman, 4 books
Robert Tracy, 4 books
Stephen Tropiano, 3 books
Ginger Howard Friedman, 3 books
Barbara Leaming, 3 books
Denny Martin Flinn, 3 books
George Martin, 3 books
Kerry Muir, 3 books
Otis L. Guernsey, Jr., 3 books
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, 3 books

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