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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeffery Deaver, 11 books
Lauren Weisberger, 8 books
Ethan Mordden, 8 books
Barbara Delinsky, 7 books
Emma McLaughlin, 6 books
Charlie Huston, 6 books
Seymour B. Durst, 6 books
Pete Hamill, 6 books
Mary Higgins Clark, 6 books
Sophie Kinsella, 5 books
Plum Sykes, 5 books
Jackie Braun, 5 books
Marissa Piesman, 5 books
Tracie Howard, 4 books
Augusten Burroughs, 4 books
Michele Martinez, 4 books
Beverly Swerling, 4 books
Judith Krantz, 4 books
Mary Higgins Clark, 4 books
David Schickler, 3 books
Adam Fawer, 3 books
Hester Browne, 3 books
Karen Shepard, 3 books
Auchincloss, Louis., 3 books
Sheryl J. Anderson, 3 books


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