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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Wichard Woyke, 15 books
Uwe Andersen, 9 books
René König, 9 books
Sturm, Roland, 9 books
Heinz-Hermann Krüger, 9 books
Bertram, Hans, 8 books
Dieter Baacke, 8 books
Wolf-Dietrich Bukow, 8 books
Hubert Heinelt, 7 books
Horst W. Opaschowski, 7 books
Göttrik Wewer, 6 books
Ilse Lenz, 6 books
Werner Gephart, 6 books
Hans-Hermann Hartwich, 6 books
Georg Simonis, 5 books
Johannes Varwick, 5 books
Stefan Hradil, 5 books
Ulfert Herlyn, 5 books
Everhard Holtmann, 5 books
Ulrich von Alemann, 5 books
Dieter Nohlen, 5 books
Konstantin Lajios, 4 books
Axel Murswieck, 4 books
Hellmut Wollmann, 4 books
Sabine Hering, 4 books

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