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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Enid Blyton, 13 books
John Astrop, 10 books
Lori Reid, 6 books
Osho, 5 books
Martin Palmer, 5 books
Nicholas Hagger, 5 books
Lynda Field, 4 books
Kate Tym, 4 books
Morton T. Kelsey, 4 books
Element Childrens, 4 books
Uri Geller, 4 books
Andrew Donkin, 3 books
John Matthews, 3 books
Erich von Daniken, 3 books
Moira Butterfield, 3 books
Kenneth Meadows, 3 books
Element Books, 3 books
Kwok Man-ho, 3 books
John G. Sutton, 3 books
Laurence Gardner, 3 books
Reshad Feild, 3 books
Jan Dries, 2 books
William Magan, 2 books
Roberts, Katherine, 2 books
Robert Bly, 2 books

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