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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Abel-François Villemain, 40 books
Cousin, Victor, 38 books
Guizot M., 30 books
Charles de Rémusat, 23 books
Antoinette Gagné, 22 books
Gustave Le Brisoys Desnoiresterres, 19 books
François Guizot, 17 books
Odile Plays Martin-Cocher, 15 books
Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, 15 books
CREDIF, 14 books
Casimir Delavigne, 13 books
Prosper de Barante, 13 books
Emile Littré, 12 books
Annie Scoffoni, 12 books
William Shakespeare, 12 books
Gustave Merlet, 11 books
Didier, 11 books
Didier Publishing, 11 books
Pierre Roger Léon, 11 books
Pierre Fourré, 11 books
Annie Monnerie, 10 books
Lauro Capdevila, 10 books
Louis Bonnerot, 9 books
Clarisse Bader, 9 books
Voltaire, 9 books

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