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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anna Seghers, 17 books
Johannes Robert Becher, 15 books
Arnold Zweig, 14 books
Heinrich Mann, 11 books
Theodor Fontane, 10 books
Erwin Strittmatter, 9 books
Bertolt Brecht, 9 books
Lion Feuchtwanger, 8 books
Hans Fallada, 8 books
Christa Wolf, 7 books
Eva Strittmatter, 6 books
Eva Strittmatter, 6 books
Harald Gerlach, 6 books
Willi Bredel, 5 books
Friedrich Wolf, 5 books
Erwin Strittmatter, 5 books
Margarete Neumann, 5 books
Uwe Berger, 5 books
Louis Fürnberg, 4 books
Stephan Hermlin, 4 books
Friedrich Schiller, 4 books
Harald Gerlach, 4 books
Werner Mittenzwei, 4 books
Wolf, Friedrich, 3 books
Ludwig Renn, 3 books

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