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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Gilbert, 4 books
Richard Van Emden, 3 books
Bill Yenne, 2 books
Henry Brook, 2 books
Peter Englund, 2 books
Max Hastings, 2 books
Herbert Feis, 2 books
Peter Liddle, 2 books
Desmond Morton, 2 books
Richard C. Lukas, 2 books
Hugh Cecil, 2 books
Margherita Marchione, 2 books
Götz Aly, 2 books
John Keegan, 2 books
Alan Wilkinson, 2 books
Rainer Rother, 2 books
Walter A. Musciano, 1 book
Robert Giddings, 1 book
Ronald Ley, 1 book
Charles Gilbert, 1 book
Michael J. F. Bowyer, 1 book
Christopher G. Thorne, 1 book
Armand van Ishoven, 1 book
Adrian Barlow, 1 book
Irv Broughton, 1 book


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