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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
A. V. Isaev, 5 books
Winston S. Churchill, 5 books
Bill Mauldin, 5 books
G. Kh Popov, 4 books
Luis de la Sierra, 4 books
C. J. Sansom, 3 books
Erfurth, Waldemar, 3 books
A. A. Grechko, 3 books
Agustín del Río Cisneros, 3 books
Thomas J. Hamilton, 3 books
A. P. Kovalenko, 3 books
Randolph L. Braham, 3 books
Igorʹ Bunich, 3 books
Pentti H. Tikkanen, 3 books
Jukka L. Mäkelä, 3 books
Sam Eastland, 3 books
A. N. Mert͡salov, 3 books
N. I. Baryshnikov, 2 books
Brotherus, Heikki., 2 books
K. S. Karol, 2 books
Stefan Heym, 2 books
V. N. Main, 2 books
Gary Jeffrey, 2 books
Evelyn Waugh, 2 books
A. S. Stykalin, 2 books


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