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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul Fauchille, 5 books
Basil King, 4 books
Gerald W. L. Nicholson, 4 books
Maurice Barrès, 4 books
D. M. Matheson, 4 books
Alfred Noyes, 3 books
Romains, Jules, 3 books
Georges Duhamel, 3 books
E. Alexander Powell, 3 books
Sharon E. McKay, 3 books
John Buchan, 3 books
Jean Little, 3 books
Desmond Morton, 3 books
Barbara Wertheim Tuchman, 3 books
John Wilson, 3 books
Kristoffer Nyrop, 2 books
René Bazin, 2 books
Charles Maurras, 2 books
Bowley, A. L. Sir, 2 books
Gilbert Murray, 2 books
Pierre MacOrlan, 2 books
Ernest Lavisse, 2 books
Thomas Nixon Carver, 2 books
Arthur Guy Empey, 2 books
Louis Madelin, 2 books


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