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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gervase Phinn, 4 books
Oriana Fallaci, 4 books
Tony Benn, 3 books
Chihua Wen, 3 books
Mark Bisnow, 2 books
Sylvia Ashton-Warner, 2 books
Marianne Alverson, 2 books
Peter Scholl-Latour, 2 books
Joseph Conrad, 2 books
Annie Dillard, 2 books
Robert D. Kaplan, 2 books
Corinne Hofmann, 2 books
Cameron Spence, 2 books
Anthony Loyd, 2 books
Richard Picciotto, 2 books
Harry Wu, 2 books
Carolyn Wakeman, 2 books
Quincy Troupe, 2 books
Phyllis Spence, 2 books
William Styron, 2 books
Jonathan Schell, 2 books
Katharina Beta, 2 books
Jonathan Kozol, 2 books
Bette Lord, 2 books
J. W. Pickersgill, 2 books


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