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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Madeline Gins, 2 books
Alvar Aalto, 2 books
Princeton Architectural Press, 2 books
Arakawa, 2 books
Juan Navarro Baldeweg, 2 books
Frank O. Gehry, 2 books
Eduard Bru, 2 books
Barbara J. Howe, 1 book
Dolores A. Fleming, 1 book
Cara Mullio, 1 book
Louise Pelletier, 1 book
Max Stemshorn, 1 book
Ron Herron, 1 book
Eyal Weizman, 1 book
Peter Blundell Jones, 1 book
Rolf Stein, 1 book
Barbara Bloom, 1 book
Issam El-Said, 1 book
Martin Kieren, 1 book
Bruno Zevi, 1 book
Josep Quetglas, 1 book
Richard Serra, 1 book
David Reed, 1 book
Iñaki Abalos, 1 book
James L. West, 1 book


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