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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sebastiano Serlio, 15 books
James Fergusson, 12 books
W. M. Flinders Petrie, 11 books
Louis-Frédéric, 7 books
George Michell, 7 books
James Burgess, 7 books
Henry Cousens, 6 books
Walter Andrae, 6 books
Sir Norman Lockyer, 6 books
Lorna Oakes, 6 books
Flavio Conti, 6 books
M. Rama Rao, 6 books
Krauss, Friedrich, 5 books
Don Busath, 5 books
August Johan Bernet Kempers, 5 books
Dieter Arnold, 5 books
Michael W. Meister, 5 books
Alberto Siliotti, 5 books
Madhusudan A. Dhaky, 5 books
Shuzhen Wei, 5 books
Zahi A. Hawass, 5 books
Qianlang Li, 5 books
Gaston Maspero, 4 books
Harold Hayden Nelson, 4 books
Herbert Ricke, 4 books