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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Mannheim, 8 books
Kurt H. Wolff, 6 books
Nico Stehr, 6 books
Carlos Castaneda, 5 books
Gunter W. Remmling, 4 books
Steve Fuller, 4 books
Edmund Husserl, 3 books
Dongsun Zhang, 3 books
Niklas Luhmann, 3 books
Gérard Namer, 3 books
Elias, Norbert., 3 books
Barry Barnes, 3 books
Hugo Zemelman, 3 books
David Bloor, 3 books
Paul Virilio, 3 books
Michel Foucault, 3 books
Jean-Pierre Darré, 3 books
Michel Freitag, 3 books
F. S. C. Northrop, 2 books
Gerard L. DeGré, 2 books
Eric H. Ash, 2 books
Burkart Holzner, 2 books
Wilson, Patrick, 2 books
Georges Gurvitch, 2 books
Ludwik Fleck, 2 books


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