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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 21 books
Edith Nesbit, 5 books
Charles Lamb, 5 books
Vincent Goodwin, 4 books
Mary Lamb, 4 books
Julie Fain Lawrence-Edsell, 4 books
Lois Burdett, 3 books
Bruce Coville, 3 books
Graham Holderness, 3 books
Leon Garfield, 3 books
Meg Harris Williams, 3 books
Mary Ellen Snodgrass, 3 books
Richard Paul Knowles, 2 books
Dympna Callaghan, 2 books
Richard Burt, 2 books
Masters, Anthony, 2 books
Catherine Belsey, 2 books
Garry Wills, 2 books
Daniel Fischlin, 2 books
Marcia Williams, 2 books
Terry Deary, 2 books
Julius Lester, 2 books
Leon Garfield, 2 books
Robert Sawyer, 2 books
Jean I. Marsden, 2 books