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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard D. Kellough, 7 books
Noreen G. Kellough, 4 books
J. MacGregor, 4 books
J. McCall, 4 books
I.J. Robertson, 4 books
R.A.J. Weston, 4 books
Lyn Overall, 3 books
Barbara Norstrom, 3 books
Mary Vines Cole, 3 books
Tina Rae, 3 books
Margaret Sangster, 3 books
Tom Bryce, 3 books
David G. Armstrong, 3 books
Richard Beach, 3 books
Ken Reid, 2 books
Jill A. Lindberg, 2 books
Nancy Frey, 2 books
Chris Watkins, 2 books
Jacky Lumby, 2 books
Michael Marland, 2 books
Mary M. Williams, 2 books
Tom V. Savage, 2 books
Liz Armstrong, 2 books
Jeff Jones, 2 books
R.A. Sparkes, 2 books


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