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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paquito D'Rivera, 4 books
Larry Rivers, 3 books
Stan Britt, 2 books
Ilsa Mayr, 2 books
Eugene Rousseau, 2 books
Dave Liebman, 2 books
Dick Heckstall-Smith, 2 books
Raymond Horricks, 2 books
Alekseĭ Kozlov, 2 books
Arthur Rollini, 1 book
Harry R. Gee, 1 book
Richard Palmer, 1 book
Dave Gelly, 1 book
Bruce Turner, 1 book
Thorbjørn Sjøgren, 1 book
Adam Mansbach, 1 book
Arne Astrup, 1 book
Morroe Berger, 1 book
Ronnie Scott, 1 book
Smith, Willie, 1 book
Luigi Podda, 1 book
François Billard, 1 book
Jonathan London, 1 book
Arnold Weinstein, 1 book
Rebecca Scott, 1 book


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