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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew Nathaniel White, 3 books
Kalmen Opperman, 3 books
Paul Harvey, 3 books
John Harle, 3 books
Gustav Holst, 2 books
David Bussick, 2 books
Malou Haine, 2 books
Michael Segell, 2 books
Jaap Kool, 2 books
Johan Pala, 1 book
Daisy Meadows, 1 book
Eugene Rousseau, 1 book
Stephen Cottrell, 1 book
John Robert Brown, 1 book
G. Dullat, 1 book
Luigi Podda, 1 book
Emma Kallok, 1 book
François Billard, 1 book
Himie Voxman, 1 book
Elaine Landau, 1 book
Stanley Richmond, 1 book
Pierre Max Dubois, 1 book
Robert Vagner, 1 book
Charley Gerard, 1 book
David Gornston, 1 book


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