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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elisabetta Dami, 13 books
Jacqueline Wilson, 8 books
Michael Morpurgo, 5 books
Marie-Aude Murail, 5 books
Alain Surget, 5 books
Susie Morgenstern, 4 books
R. L. Stine, 4 books
Caroline Terrée, 4 books
Gudule, 4 books
Marie Desplechin, 3 books
Zep, 3 books
Christine Nöstlinger, 3 books
Paul Stewart, 3 books
Bruno Muscat, 3 books
Joseph Delaney, 3 books
Chris Riddell, 3 books
Odile Weulersse, 3 books
Alvaro Magalhães, 3 books
Marc Cantin, 3 books
Midam, 3 books
Hubert Ben Kemoun, 3 books
Yaël Hassan, 3 books
Claude Merle, 2 books
Pierdomenico Baccalario, 2 books
Christophe Lambert, 2 books