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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daisy Meadows, 21 books
Halo Summer, 13 books
Bryan Perro, 9 books
Eoin Colfer, 6 books
Holly Black, 6 books
J. K. Rowling, 6 books
Caroline Merola, 6 books
Elizabeth Lenhard, 5 books
Vivian French, 5 books
Pseudonymous Bosch, 5 books
Danielle Simard, 5 books
Richard Petit, 5 books
Bronisław Malinowski, 4 books
Marvin W. Meyer, 4 books
Tony DiTerlizzi, 4 books
Linda Chapman, 4 books
Sarah Gibb, 4 books
Philippa Ballantine, 4 books
Eric Pier Sperandio, 4 books
Bruno Muscat, 4 books
John Bellairs, 4 books
Daphne Unruh, 4 books
E. E. Evans-Pritchard, 3 books
Babette Cole, 3 books
Brad Strickland, 3 books