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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry de Bracton, 37 books
Justinian I, the Great, Emperor of Byzantine, 32 books
Gaius, 25 books
Alan Watson, 22 books
Gaius., 21 books
Cicero, 16 books
Savigny, Friedrich Karl von, 14 books
Andrea Alciati, 14 books
Jacques Cujas, 14 books
Antonio Guarino, 12 books
Theodor Mommsen, 12 books
Paul Krueger, 12 books
Titus Livius, 11 books
Jhering, Rudolf von, 11 books
Vincenzo Arangio-Ruiz, 10 books
Pietro Bonfante, 10 books
Fritz Schulz, 10 books
Carl Georg Bruns, 9 books
Detlef Liebs, 9 books
Costa, Emilio, 9 books
Jean Gaudemet, 9 books
Gustav Friedrich Haenel, 9 books
Federico D'Ippolito, 9 books
Giovanni Cefali, 9 books
Tommaso Grammatico, 9 books


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