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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Increase Mather, 7 books
Isaac Ambrose, 6 books
S. Wright, 5 books
William Law, 5 books
Hopkins, Samuel, 5 books
William Dewsbury, 4 books
Scott, John, 4 books
George Whitefield, 4 books
William Whately, 4 books
Backus, Charles, 4 books
Moore, Benjamin, 4 books
Philip Doddridge, 4 books
Begbie, Harold, 3 books
Joseph Phipps, 3 books
Dickinson, Jonathan, 3 books
Garden, Alexander, 3 books
Onderdonk, Henry U., 3 books
Fletcher, John, 3 books
George Stanley Faber, 3 books
Ernst Benz, 2 books
Blair, John, 2 books
Julius Schniewind, 2 books
J. B. Mozley, 2 books
Hubbard Winslow, 2 books
Dickson, David, 2 books


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