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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel Merrill, 12 books
Joseph Lathrop, 10 books
James Wilkinson Dale, 10 books
Laurence, R., 9 books
Alexander Carson, 7 books
William Dell, 7 books
Cyprian Saint, Bishop of Carthage, 7 books
Tertullian, 6 books
Scott, John, 6 books
D. R., 6 books
Charles Stovel, 6 books
D. F. Hutchinson, 6 books
Edward Williams, 6 books
James W. Dale, 6 books
Cyprian Strong, 6 books
A.-G Hamman, 5 books
Gill, John, 5 books
Baptist Wriothesley Noel, 5 books
Arthur Miller, 5 books
Richard Pengilly, 5 books
W. A. MacKay, 5 books
Seiss, Joseph Augustus, 5 books
Miller, Samuel, 5 books
Alexander Pirie, 5 books
John Chrysostom Saint, 5 books


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