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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Whiston, 13 books
John Tombes, 12 books
Jeremias, Joachim, 10 books
John Gill, 10 books
William Wall, 9 books
Richard Baxter, 8 books
Thomas Grantham, 7 books
Thomas Blake, 7 books
Benjamin Keach, 7 books
Giles Firmin, 6 books
Henry Danvers, 6 books
Charles Inglis, 5 books
Joseph Lathrop, 5 books
Ralph Wardlaw, 5 books
Giles H. Cowles, 5 books
Elisha Fish, 5 books
Nathanael Taylor, 5 books
John Brekell, 5 books
Kurt Aland, 5 books
Colin Ogilvie Buchanan, 5 books
George Jackson, 4 books
Absalom Peters, 4 books
Isaac Backus, 4 books
Mack, Alexander, 4 books
Morgan, Abel, 4 books


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