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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tana Reiff, 18 books
Linda Ribaudo, 12 books
Janice Greene, 9 books
Terry Barber, 8 books
Ann Weil, 6 books
Janet Lorimer, 6 books
Anne E. Schraff, 6 books
Charles Dickens, 5 books
Ed Hanson, 5 books
Judith Andrews Green, 5 books
Agnes M. Hagen, 4 books
Penn Mullin, 4 books
Sara Hoskinson Frommer, 4 books
Elaine Pageler, 4 books
RICE, 4 books
Emily Hutchinson, 4 books
Mel Cebulash, 4 books
William Shakespeare, 4 books
Bob Wright, 3 books
Joan Lowery Nixon, 3 books
Steck-Vaughn Company, 3 books
Lucy Jane Bledsoe, 3 books
Richard Forrest, 3 books
Alanna Knight, 3 books
Mary Blount Christian, 3 books


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