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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alex Wright, 7 books
NA, 5 books
Boris Vallejo, 5 books
Suckling, Nigel., 5 books
Andy Warhol, 5 books
Julie Bell, 4 books
Doug Harvey, 4 books
Timothy Leary, 3 books
Martin J. Smith, 3 books
Patrick J. Kiger, 3 books
Yoshitaka Amano, 3 books
Daryl Cagle, 3 books
Brian Fairrington, 3 books
Arnie Fenner, 3 books
Julian Durlacher, 3 books
Cathy Fenner, 3 books
Cass Pennant, 3 books
Jim Heimann, 3 books
Roy Lichtenstein, 3 books
Annette Kuhn, 2 books
Joseph Addison, 2 books
Sir Richard Steele, 2 books
Michelle Freedman, 2 books
Jim Piazza, 2 books
David Bell, 2 books


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