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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Antoni Tapies, 6 books
Bernadette Driscoll, 6 books
Abrams, 5 books
Terrence Heath, 4 books
Jens Hoffmann, 4 books
Pierre Rosenberg, 4 books
Alexandra Bonfante-Warren, 4 books
Mike Kelley, 4 books
Ellen Gallagher, 4 books
Werner Spies, 4 books
Peter Halley, 4 books
Andreas Gursky, 4 books
Elizabeth Collard, 3 books
Mark Bradford, 3 books
Diedrich Diederichsen, 3 books
Fred Licht, 3 books
Robert Enright, 3 books
Susan Davidson, 3 books
Chrissie Iles, 3 books
Paul Tucker, 3 books
Bruce Ferguson, 3 books
Shirley J. R. Madill, 3 books
Maria Jawlensky, 3 books
Lucia Pieroni-Jawlensky, 3 books
Angelica Jawlensky, 3 books


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