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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chang-tʻae Kŭm, 14 books
Peirong Fu, 7 books
Anwu Lin, 3 books
Pyŏng-do Yi, 3 books
Soken Kō, 3 books
Kunjiang Zhang, 3 books
Shuxian Liu, 3 books
Minghui Li, 3 books
Ŭi-dong Hwang, 3 books
Joseph John Spae, 2 books
Jinsai Itō, 2 books
Chenyang Li, 2 books
Degui Cai, 2 books
Shou'an Zhang, 2 books
Qingfeng Yang, 2 books
Banghe Sheng, 2 books
Tŭk-hwang Kim, 2 books
Zhengtong Wei, 2 books
Yasuki Kinugasa, 2 books
Bunʾyū Kusumoto, 2 books
Li, Zehou., 2 books
Qifeng Sun, 2 books
Lingyun Xu, 2 books
Qing Jiang, 2 books
Pyŏng-yŏn Chŏng, 2 books


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