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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Kraus, 14 books
Edward Timms, 3 books
Hans Weigel, 3 books
Harry Zohn, 3 books
Werner Kraft, 3 books
Christian Wagenknecht, 2 books
Leo A. Lensing, 2 books
Volker Bohn, 2 books
Caroline Kohn, 2 books
Adriana Arpini, 2 books
Szabó, János, 2 books
Heinz Lunzer, 2 books
Nike Wagner, 2 books
Thomas Stephen Szasz, 2 books
Kurt Krolop, 2 books
Eliane Kaufholz, 2 books
Gerald Stieg, 2 books
Franz Schuh, 1 book
London Kraus Symposium (1984 University of London), 1 book
Robert Scheu, 1 book
John D. Halliday, 1 book
Michael Naumann, 1 book
Hans Kohn, 1 book
Irène Kruse, 1 book
Kari Grimstad, 1 book


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