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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Johann Gottfried Herder, 30 books
Karoline Herder, 5 books
Wilhelm Dobbek, 4 books
F. M. Barnard, 3 books
Alexander Gillies, 2 books
Valerio Verra, 2 books
Farinelli, Arturo, 2 books
Johannes Grundmann, 2 books
Hans Reisiger, 2 books
J. Frederick Smith, 2 books
Hugh Barr Nisbet, 2 books
Heinrich Doering, 2 books
Rudolf Haym, 2 books
Günther Jacoby, 2 books
Henri Tronchon, 2 books
Carl Siegel, 2 books
Isaiah Berlin, 2 books
Eugen Sauter, 2 books
Karl Gustav Gerold, 2 books
Elisabeth Hoffart, 2 books
Ludwig Keller, 2 books
Wilhelm Dobbek, 2 books
Rudolf Haym, 2 books
Ludwig Keller, 2 books
Ulrich Gaier, 2 books


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