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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Detlev Groddek, 4 books
Ronny Meyer, 2 books
Jeffrey Heath, 2 books
Knut J. Olawsky, 2 books
George Hewitt, 2 books
Assibi A. Amidu, 2 books
Simin Karimi, 2 books
Fred C. Woudhuizen, 2 books
Josef Tropper, 2 books
Hanna Roszkowska-Mutschler, 2 books
Lutz Edzard, 2 books
Ian Press, 2 books
Heinrich Werner, 2 books
Yel Kubiyak, 2 books
Lars Johanson, 2 books
Gregory D. S. Anderson, 2 books
Even Hovdhaugen, 1 book
Willem F.H. Adelaar, 1 book
Wolfgang Viereck, 1 book
Volkmar Lehmann, 1 book
Helmut Fasske, 1 book
Richard Mills, 1 book
Shinji Ido, 1 book
Wolf Leslau, 1 book
Edward J. Vajda, 1 book


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