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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Switzerland, 15 books
Peter Gauch, 12 books
Heinrich Honsell, 10 books
Bernhard Gomard, 10 books
Turkey., 8 books
Switzerland., 8 books
Catherine Valcke, 7 books
Alain A. Levasseur, 6 books
Maurice A. Tancelin, 5 books
Wagatsuma, Sakae, 5 books
Wolfgang Fikentscher, 5 books
Geoffrey Samuel, 5 books
Hiroshi Endō, 5 books
Hector S. de Leon, 4 books
Eugen Bucher, 4 books
Hugo Casanova, 4 books
Kawai, Takeshi, 4 books
Ishida, Kikuo, 4 books
Anwar Said Sultan, 4 books
Russia (Federation), 4 books
Scottish Law Commission., 4 books
Andrew Robertson, 4 books
Yugoslavia., 4 books
Pierre Tercier, 4 books
Hiroshi Mizumoto, 4 books


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