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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carol Rogerson, 38 books
Brenda Cossman, 29 books
Bernard Green, 20 books
Pakistan., 16 books
Philip Epstein, 14 books
Poland., 13 books
Russian S.F.S.R., 10 books
Egypt., 8 books
Rand McNally, 7 books
Russia (Federation), 7 books
Walter Wadlington, 7 books
Bulgaria., 7 books
G. M. Sverdlov, 6 books
Semen Malkov, 6 books
Germany, 6 books
Colombia., 6 books
British Columbia. Royal Commission on Family and Children's Law, 6 books
John Eekelaar, 6 books
Kim, Chu-su, 5 books
Jonathan Herring, 5 books
Alison Diduck, 5 books
Robert E. Oliphant, 5 books
Stephen Michael Cretney, 5 books
Schouler, James, 5 books
Iran, 5 books


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