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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George A. Bray, 18 books
Atkins, Robert C., 11 books
Albert J. Stunkard, 10 books
Henry A. Jordan, 9 books
Jean Storlie, 9 books
Carl von Noorden, 8 books
William Wadd, 7 books
Claude Bouchard, 7 books
Wilhelm Ebstein, 6 books
Kelly D. Brownell, 6 books
J. Kevin Thompson, 5 books
Thomas A. Wadden, 5 books
John H. Cawley, 4 books
Bob Schwartz, 4 books
Sander L. Gilman, 4 books
David A. Kessler, 4 books
Barbara Wexler, 4 books
Mary Catherine Mullen, 4 books
Barthe DeClements, 4 books
Geneen Roth, 4 books
Christopher G. Fairburn, 4 books
Jeffery Sobal, 4 books
Donna Maurer, 4 books
Gary Taubes, 4 books
J. S. Garrow, 3 books


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