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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Janet Treasure, 17 books
W. Stewart Agras, 13 books
James Lock, 12 books
Carolyn Costin, 12 books
Leigh Cohn, 10 books
Robin F. Apple, 9 books
Daniel Le Grange, 9 books
Bryan Lask, 8 books
Kelly D. Brownell, 8 books
Rachel Bryant-Waugh, 7 books
Ulrike Schmidt, 7 books
B. Timothy Walsh, 7 books
Walter Vandereycken, 7 books
Christopher G. Fairburn, 7 books
J. Kevin Thompson, 6 books
Sarah Levete, 6 books
Karen R. Koenig, 6 books
Pamela I. Swain, 6 books
Linda Mintle, 6 books
Jane R. Hirschmann, 6 books
Peter J. Cooper, 6 books
Michael P. Levine, 6 books
June Alexander, 6 books
Margo Maine, 6 books
Linda Smolak, 6 books